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At Options Resourcing, we work very hard to ensure that our candidates’ experience of working with us is second to none.

Once you’ve got in touch, you’ll find we offer many forms of advice, support and feedback to accompany your job search. You can be confident that your enquiry will be managed professionally and sensitively.

Consultants and support staff constantly make themselves available to candidates via phone or email as well as on-site so any questions or issues you have will be dealt with quickly.

cv template

our cv template

Our CV template allows our candidates to easily construct their own personal employment profile. Amendments and additions can be incorporated as they are required.

download cv template

Workplace Handbook
and Health & Disability Form

This handbook is provided and should be read by all operatives working on site. It provides a list of what to do and what not to do on site, and should answer any questions you may have. By signing our Health and Disability form, which can be located in the downloads section, you are confirming you have read and understood this handbook.

download Workplace Handbook

download Health & Disability Form
interview tips

interview tips

Always prepare properly for interviews. Do your research on the company concerned so you can effectively answer any questions. Be clear about why you want the job and what you can offer the employer. Communicate clearly and confidently with the interviewer and have your questions ready for the end of the interview. Endeavour to be open, honest and relaxed.

be fully prepared

Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression, so to avoid getting caught off guard in an interview spend time preparing for every eventuality and reviewing what questions to expect, and how to answer them. Always have a list of questions ready to ask the employer for when the time comes and you get asked.

always arrive on time

Allow yourself plenty of time to get to an interview, arrive late and you will immediately find yourself on the back foot before the interview has even begun.

pay attention to body language

Your body language can have a significant impact on how you’re perceived in an interview, so you have to be aware of it from the moment you step through the door. Poor body language can easily make you look disinterested and unenthusiastic.

all in a handshake

It’s important to dress smartly and smile in an interview, but research shows that a firm handshake is what really matters when it comes to impressing potential employers. The right kind of handshake can convince people that you’re confident, have good social skills and even possess strong leadership qualities.

cv tips

cv writing tips

Keep the information in any CV brief and relevant. Emphasise your key qualities and achievements. Endeavour to keep you CV to two pages, three at most.
Pay attention to layout, spelling and punctuation. Get somebody else to critique your CV and offer feedback. Our staff would be happy to assist you in this process if required.

check for typos and double check everything

Incorrect spelling or grammar errors in your CV will make it easy for an employer to reject you at the first stage, particularly if there is strong competition for a job. Double check everything and always spell check your CV each time you amend it, asking a friend to proof the final version.

tailor your cv for the role

It may sound time consuming, but making the effort to tailor your CV to suit the requirements of each particular job that you apply for can greatly increase your chances of securing an interview. Avoid the one CV fits all scenario, do some research, and demonstrate to the employer that you understand what they are looking for.

read the job description

Make sure you thoroughly read the job description and don’t just apply because there’s an impressive sounding job title or an exciting salary. Read the requirements of the role and if you’re happy it’s suitable, use those requirements to tailor your CV and demonstrate you’re the best candidate for the role.

use specific keywords

Keywords are essential to your CV, without them your CV won’t get noticed. More and more recruiters are using job sites to search for suitable candidates based on specific keywords. It’s vitally important therefore to try and include words in your CV which relate to the type of job you’re looking for.


terms of

Our terms of engagement detail the obligations upon both Options and our candidates that effect the process of finding employment opportunities as well as defining our working relationship during any temporary assignment.


Our Values guide how we work to ensure success for our clients, candidates and colleagues alike.

We specialise in permanent and temporary roles including:-

  • Management and technical - construction contracting
  • Fixed-term and project management
  • FM and soft service
  • M&E installation; management and technical
  • Construction and building services trades and labour
  • Management and technical roles - built environment and service providers
  • Building services maintenance, FM hard services technical and management
  • Legal/Secretarial
  • Customer Service/Call Centre
  • Administration & Support
  • PA/Office Manager
  • Financial Services/Insurance
  • Procurement/Buyers CIPS
  • Human Resources CPP/CIPD
  • Professional/Management